Frequently asked question

This is thought differently. Some doctors advise to prank soberly, while others advise not to do this. Make an appointment with your doctor. If fasting is not fooled, the TSH value is slightly lower and the FT4 value is slightly higher than if it is foolishly pricked, here the interpretation of the values ​​must be taken into account. With T4 usage only, the values ​​do not fluctuate strongly throughout the day. If next T4 also T3 is swallowed, the fluctuations are stronger. It is advised to always prick at a fixed time.

After 6 weeks the values ​​in your blood are stable. So only after at least 4, but preferably after 6 weeks pricking again. After 8 weeks of pricking is also not uncommon. The effect of a change in the dose can sometimes take longer than can be seen in the blood.

In the first place, that is different for each person! The personal best value must always be sought. A TSH value under 2 is almost always a requirement for this, but there are also people who feel the best at a higher TSH. When treated with T4 alone, the FT4 blood value should be in the upper half of the normal value, sometimes even a little above it.
Normal reference value:
TSH – 0.4 to 4.0 mU / l
FT4 – 9 to 24 pmol / l

Not all thyroid disorders are autoimmune diseases. For example, thyroid cancer is not an autoimmune disease. But also a condition of the pituitary gland can cause too much or too little thyroid hormone.

Other examples of autoimmune diseases are:

pernicious anemia (a form of anemia)
vitiligo (a skin condition where pigmentless spots occur)
diabetes mellitus (diabetes)
Addison’s disease (adrenal cortex disease)
rheumatoid arthritis (joint inflammation).

Although autoimmune diseases often occur in combination, we can not say that one disease causes the other. The syndromes behave completely independently of each other. We do not know enough about the development of autoimmune diseases. As a result, doctors and scientists can not yet develop medicines that could stop the development at an early stage.
Autoimmune disorders can be detected in a number of cases, by detecting specific antibodies in the blood.