Thyroidism awareness And support initiative (TASI); is a not-for profit, non governmental and non political organization committed and dedicated to creating awareness in Nigeria and Africa at large, and also support people affected by thyroid disease. We are poised to demystify the impression people have about thyroid disease and change the narratives.

Our mission

To be a catalyst for aggregation of resources in support of patients towards attaining care and cure and change the narratives of thyroid disease treatment and management.

Our vision

To raise global awareness about the dangers and risks of thyroid disorders particularly as it affects reproductive and mental health in developing countries, while seeking local and international collaborative support against the scourge.


Thyroidism Awareness and Support Initiative is fully endorsed by the Lagos State Primary Healthcare Board, as a result of diligence in planning and execution of impactful programs. Lagos state Ministry of Health also offer Technical Support to TASI in project implementations.


  • To bring awareness to patients and general public via mass media, social media etc. on the dangers and risk of the disease from the grassroots.
  • To assist patients access proper medical diagnoses/treatment.
  • To raise funds from donors and partners in aid of patients and support of her programs.
  • Partnering with health institutions for diagnosis and treatment.
  • To provide a platform for exchange of ideas/sharing of information and experience among stakeholders.
  • To help patients overcome the fear often associated with the disease through counseling.

Government partnership (Federal, State, Local Government).
Spread the awareness of thyroid disease to the grassroots, beyond Nigeria and Africa.
Engaging Electronic/Print media. (locally and internationally)
Establishing well equipped Thyroid support centers that will serve as rallying point and a hub for thyroid solutions, with the provision of relevant medical specialists and therapeutic facilities to alleviate the sufferings of patients and improve the quality of their lives with the right facilities.
Partnering Local & International Health Organizations.
Seeking for Support and partnering with donor agencies and international organizations in achieving our organizational goals
Data collection


a) Push, through legislative actions that will incorporate Thyroid sickness as part of national care agenda.
b) Patient rights
c) Funding for research.
Proper awareness and intervention in all rural and urban communities where thyroid disease is found more prevalent.

56 years old, I was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism in 2009, I passed through a lot of trauma and fear due to the associated symptoms and the fact that I nor people around me had knowledge about what I was passing through due to lack of awareness. I consulted a lot of doctors, yet no solution nor improvement. The swelling on my neck was causing me embarrassments and rejection in my business deals as a contractor. People didn’t like doing business with me because I was looking very sickly. One faithful day, a wife to my former boss saw me and gave me the contact of TASI ,that they will give me solution to my problem and direct me to the proper experts that will handle my case. Immediately I contacted the number and the founder picked .After narrating my problems to her, the counsel and the encouragement she gave me was very therapeutic. She referred me to a specialist who recommended some diagnosis and later treated me, in few months I was declared fit for surgery, I had a very successful surgery, precisely in November 2018, today I can go about my business without embarrasement,hale and hearty. Today I am an outstanding volunteer and a support group member of TASI.

Mr Dauda

I started noticing a swelling on my neck, gradually its started growing bigger. I went to the hospital, they gave me some drugs but it did not go. Herbal drug sellers convinced me that they will give me drugs that will melt the lump on my neck, I believed them,but after spending a lot of money with no improvement I became more worried. One day someone told me that she will take me to a doctor in the eastern part of Nigeria who will treat me,I agreed and followed her. When we got there ,the acclaimed Doctor injected a black substance on my thyroid, claiming it will melt the lump. Instead of melting the lump, it afflicted a kind of physical wound on me, which the man was not able to treat for about 4 months I was there,rather it got worse. I left that place in frustration with the wound. I treated that wound, dressing it every other day with the help of a nurse friend of mine and just resolved to pray and believe God for my healing and solution. One Sunday a sister in church approached me and gave me a number to call,that the NGO will help me out with my problem. Without wasting time, I discussed with my husband and we called, Madam Iruoma first of all talked to me and arrested all the fear in me. I booked an appointment with her and she directed me to the doctor, I ran all my tests and went through a period of treatment, finally I had my surgery in August 2019. Today, I am free and have faced my business. I cannot thank God enough, how he used TASI NGO to restore my life and my confidence.